Thursday, January 28, 2010

Language of Music

Music and language, as they say, have co-evolved and both share certain unique similarities.

I write this while listening to a song, a peppy Bollywood number, that belonged to a movie, which fizzled out before anyone even knew about it. The song has an impression on my mind - and trust me, it can endure time and memory.

I have lot of similar stories on songs and the music composition surrounding it. I say that lyrics, tune, instruments used, singer - all are factors that are attributable to a song's success. Still, irrespective of who sang it, wrote it, composed it, I can like just by listening to it. This contradicts my previous statement, but that is what I call - "Language of Music".

Experts say that same brain structures are involved in processing music and language. Does this suggest that music can play a key role in developing one's linguistic capabilities? Well, I partly agree with this, because I know people who , in spite of stammering, can sing mellifluously. Whoa, another speech therapy - "Music"!!

There is a striking characteristic of a good song or rather a song which I, you or any other human being cherish -- The "feel good" factor. A song, or any part of it like a beat, a word, a stanza, a note or the time when one heard the song initiates a cascade of emotions somewhere, which you realize each time you listen to it. This is probably the most common feeling that most of us have and we express often. Just remember a song which gets you going - getting goose

So....go ahead enjoy music, relish what kicks you best and hard. "Su Che Su Che" - this is what I am listening to ;o))

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